It’s a typically Sunday, sitting in front of my working desk.. thinking about the trend, maybe I can write about the ugly dad sneakers.

Till now, I still can’t really understand why this is a big trend for years. I can’t even remember which brand did it first. All I can say, I am not a big fan of this trend. To be honest, sneakers are just not my style. I rather pick a pair of Vans instead of a pair of Balenciaga Triples S. Besides, it cost 10 times more than a pair of vans, and now they are made in China (what?).


Speaking of ugly sneakers, the first one really shocked me is the Nike Air Max 97. How can a pair of sneakers can be looking like so chunky and weird. The air translucent platform looking like alien and does really look ugly when putting on my feet. Though, it may make me feeling so comfortable. I just don’t like those sneakers looking so chunky. Maybe that’s my problem?? I am not tall enough or too skinny for those chunky sneakers. I can’t make the balance of the total look….


Apart from the chunky sneakers, another reason is that there is no outfits can fit with dad sneakers. Though it’s common that people wearing suit with sneakers. I did try before, turn out, I don’t feel comfortable with it. And I did try to mixing with causal outfit, like a printed Hawaii shirt with shorts. It doesn’t work either. Therefore, I gave up to follow the “trend”.


One more reason why I don’t understand/like dad sneakers trend. The price is crazy expensive. I know that everyone has different ideas about the price issue. For me, it doesn’t worth to buy a sneakers more than thousand dollars. For Balenciaga Triple S, it costs over $7000; Louis Vuitton ARCHLIGHT Sneakers, it’s almost $10K. Don’t you think this is crazy? I rather buy a nice pair of leather shoes… at least, it’s more durable, and timeless. We all know this is a “trend”. When the trend is over, you look like a dumb if you still wearing those dad sneakers.

Anyway, style is a personal issue. It’s like picking makeup foundation. We all got different taste, different style, it may not looking good on me, doesn’t mean it’s looking bad on you.

xxx p.


**pics source from pinterest


Posted by:Paco Tse

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