says life is like a movie, the way we talk, the way we think, the way we dress.

As always, movie is the most inspiring thing in my life. I watched hundred to thousand movies in these 25 years of life, no matter is old or new. The classic always be classic. Movie is just like a style, it will never fade. What I learnt from movie, is to follow your mood on choosing what i like to wear today.



The first fiction character I love is Matilda in LEON. How can a little girl can be so stylish? it seems like her style never fade away. She’s a cool girl, fearless and unique. how many girls in this world dressing like her in Halloween?

“I want love…or death.”

Bob hair, a wool cap, a pair of rounded sunglasses, choker, crop tops, a bomber jacker, a pair of denim shorts, and boots.

The movie creates the most wonderful outfit for Matilda, and it’s so inspiring.



Who can forget Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction? I think stylist should be obsessed with bob hair. it seems that every cool, kind of bad girl is in same hairstyle. When you have a strong personality, you don’t need glamorous garments to impress anyone. A white blouse, a pair of black wide pants, that’s it!




Speaking of personality, that’s talk about Annie Hall. Tomboyish style rules the world still in 2018. Honestly speaking, it’s so Ralph Lauren. However, this movie is classic! A boyfriend blazer, a man’s vest, and a tie. She totally changed the rule of fashion game in late 1970s. This is not a common style in era, and she nailed it!




Let’s going back to 90s. It’s all about plaid! Alaia mini-skirts, matchy-matchy suits and knee-length socks, everyone knows she’s Cher in Cluless. She has the most signature look in 1990s, and set the fashion rule for American teen comedy. Every girl in high school, please remember to put your plaid short skirt on!




Another classic in late 90s, Trainspotting.

It’s so common that you still see boys wearing exactly the same as the “Rent Boy”. A bomer jacket, a slogan tee, a pair of skinny jeans with as pairs of converse. This is so classy London boy look.



How can I not mentioning about Sex and the City? My all time favourite TV show. Who doesn’t want to have Carrie Bradshaw? The Dior Saddle Bag, newspaper dress, big dresses, her very own mix-and-match iconic outfit and her heels. She’s a real fashion icon!!

We couldn’t help but wonder…why she can be so perfect?




About iconic outfit, who can forget Margot Tenenbaums in The Royal Tenenbaums, Yes, the Fendi mink fur. We always love her.




Let’s be more down to earth, Gretta James in Begin Again was my crush for a while. She’s more like a girl next door, wearing vintage clothes. A simple top, a pair of boyfriend jeans, sometimes a maxi dress with a pair of loafers. She looks fresh, and making people love her.



Lady Bird, she’s an independent girl. She gets her own thoughts, and clearly don’t know about her future. BUT she’s always know what she want. I can’t say she’s a girl’s girl. But her style is so early-aughts teen style. Signature plaid overall skirt, girly dresses, and pink hair.



Elio Elio Elio, Oliver Oliver Oliver……

Call me by your name and I will call you by mine.

A classy retro look in this movie showing the “retro gay style”. Polo shirts, button down shirts, very short shorts, converse, denim on denim etc..

You can totally relate to the movie outfits because it’s the trend nowadays.



That’s why I always say, movie is the best fashion lesson we all should take.


xx p.

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