Dungarees! Dungarees! Dungarees!

I love wearing dungarees! This is the thing I can’t live without, this is the thing I must have in my closet.

For some reasons, I am obsessed with dungarees. It looks chic and sexy. I am not kind of person who spends much time on thinking how to mix and match with clothes in order to look good. I may say that I enjoy wearing something which making me feel comfortable and smart. That’s the reason why I love wearing dungaree. It’s chic and functional. Why I think that it’s chic? Because there are so many different fittings like jeans such as straight, slim, skinny etc. I like straight fit dungaree in more like workwear style, with a white t-shirt and a pair of vans. And what about functional? I am not going to talk about the history of dungaree and why people invent dungaree style. I am going to say how convenience of dungaree. I am not a person who likes bring bag. I will put all of my stuff in pockets. There are so many pockets on dungaree, I can put my wallet, keys, iPhone, lips balm, sunglasses etc in pockets. It will not be looking so bulky since I can put my stuff in different pockets.

Back to time when I was young, there is an album from Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung. The first time I saw this album cover, he’s wearing a blue dungaree with a white shirt. I didn’t know why the imagine was so unforgettable! He looks handsome and refreshing. I guess this is love at first sight.


My very first dungaree was a pair of Levi’s. It was unwashed in navy colour. My parent bought me when I was young. I like to wear it all the time. It’s a pity that I cannot find any picture of it. After all, it’s was the time when I was very little around 8-10 year-old.





Talking about the best style of dungaree, Alexa Chung always catches my eyes. I think she is the same kind of person like me obsessed with dungarees. I like the way she looks so causal and stylish. I love her boyish girl style. No one can looks better than her in dungaree.

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