Hong Kong is totally not a gay paradise. It seems that Hong Kong is an international city, people seems like so open-minded. BUT wait……

There are so many different kinds of people in this world, straight, gay, bisexual or transsexual… We are not living in the world which is equality. Very easy theory, you are not sharing the same opportunity of what rich people get. Sometimes, I think being gay is a sin. Those “normal” people treat you as a weird person, “normal” people think that you like to show off, “normal” people think that your life should be a mess, “normal” people ask you why you choose to be gay…… What is the definition of “normal”? Are there any theory or any DNA that could classify as “normal”. if God does exist, why he create conflicts, criticizings and wars between people?

“You may say I am dream but I am not the only one.” – John Lennon

In 1971, John Lennon dropped a very simple line, an influential song, “Imagine”. For all these years, the goal has not yet been achieve or never…. BUT…

Imagine those who are well-known, living in an abundance way, seems like they can control everything. But don’t you know the majority of them got a same life, whats that mean “same’ for them? They concern about what people think about, they worry about how they look under thousands of spotlight, they anxious someone will replace, they feel uneasy to gain what they want. What i want to say is trying to be normal person is not easy, and don’t give any reason to be on standard. Just be yourself, although is hard to say “ I am who I am”, because of how young you are, because of didn’t achieve your aims yet, at least living in no regrets, right? Try to create the own life. Won’t let others break you down to dust, there’s still have a place for us, for we are glorious.

x paco t

source from madeinbrazilblog.com

Posted by:Paco Tse

blog about fashion, photography, art, lifestyle.

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