It’s Spring time. As my last post mentioned about some of my favourite high-end fashion shows. This time is more down to earth, more common and fast-fashion brands. Sometimes, I like fast-fashion brands more than luxury brands. It’s cheaper and fair price for me, and you can always get find the latest trend in shops (even faster than luxury brands’ stores). If you are a super fan of fashion, you should enjoy shopping. To explore the new things, new trends, and you can try, mix and match anytime you want. No one will bother you. I am not sure if you all feel the same way, sometimes, when you get into some luxury or more high-end shops. Those shop advisers will follow you, and serve you, I may feel a bit embarrassed if you try too many clothes. In fast-fashion shops, you can try everything you like without any pressures.

Somehow, fast-fashion brands’ styles are quite different. They will set their own trend based on their brands elements, culture and target. This time, I will pick up some of my favourites and items that boys should get in coming spring summer.

Uniqlo U

Do not afraid of colours. This is probably my favourite collaboration that Uniqlo done. It’s perfectly march with Lamaire French style with commercial Uniqlo Japanese style. In the new spring summer collection, they bring out more colours. You can definitely feels the joy of spring summer. Why not wearing a colourful tee with a beige trousers, going out panic?




This should be everyone’s favourite brand, Zara can always get the trend fast, and product launching even faster than some high-end brand. In this spring summer collection, everything is about pastel. Pastel colour is a big trend for a quite long time. It’s a bit different from what they did before. This time, they mostly use the pastel colours matching with cool or nude colours such as shell colour blazer mixing with Mahogany brown, shell with light grey etc.




Street style is so influential nowadays, this is the main stream that fashion is going. To reach all the people, fashion should be more down to earth, and reaching to everybody. Bershka leads the way of what street style called. They put all the trendy elements in their new spring summer collection: waist bag, mesh tank, pastel colours, bleached jeans, collaboration with different brands etc.



source from brands’ official website

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