Sex and the City is definitely one of the most successful TV series. I guess no one will deny this TRUTH. Back to the first time when I watched this series on TV, this series blowed my mind! I grew up in a quite traditional family, it’s hard to talk about sex causally. I remembered the days I watched SATC, I had to shut my room door, and turned the volume down. I afraid that my parents would think that I was watching porns.. You know, there were a lot of Samantha wonderful sex scene.

SATC is not just a comedy about sex and love life, it is so inspirational about fashion, friendship, philosophy etc. Here are the things that SATC taught me…

1 Friendship is everything


No matter what happens, friends are always the one who back you up! I can never be good without good friends. Every time, I am suffering the hard times. Hanging out with good friends is the best way to forget all the sadness. A glass of wine, a slice of pizza, watching TV, the simplest thing can always makes me feeling good. Sometimes, friendship can be tricky like romantic relationship. You may become good friends with someone first met. At the same time, it may be easy to break up because of words. There are lots of “love/ hate” situations.

“Maybe we can be each other’s soul mates. And then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.” – Charlotte York

2 Always look gorgeous, even in shitty mood

I spent so much time on looking for inspirations every single day. Browsing instagram, pinterest and tumblr.When the time, there is no social media. TV series, films and magazines are the most main inspirations on my styles (gosh! I missed those days). One thing I learnt from SATC is to dress something makes you feel comfortable. Something can present your personality. Who doesn’t wish to have Carrie Bradshaw’s huge closet? I am kind of like Carrie (I guess), always wish to try new things, mixing with different styles, always impress people around you! Remember the SATC movie, Carrie was rushing to Miranda home for Chinese food at the new year eve, the outfit is PERFECT!! A shiny hat, a gorgeous white fur, a pair of white heels with a pyjama inside. This is the best outfit I have even seen for new year eve.


3 Sometimes life is like fairy tales


I always love Charlotte, she lives in fairy tales. How can someone be so lucky as her? Though She has been though some hard times. She took so long to find the Mr. right (Harry, the Jewish) but then she struggled about she’s not a Jewish. In following her heart, finally she found her true love and became a Jewish. She even tried to do acupuncture therapy in order to get pregnant but lost the baby very early on. I may say Charlotte is quite traditional girl. She believes in all romantic things, true love and soul mates, always wish to have a good husband and a lovely family (with Lily from China and baby girl Rose). Although there were so many hard times, she finally gets everything she wants for whole life. You may say this is just a story. But I know this story does exist in somewhere in this world. Life is not easy, remember, just to follow your heart!

4 Samantha, the real girl boss


She is freeeee! She is a successful business lady, she always gets what she want (including guys). I admire how confident she is, she doesn’t care about what people thinking about her. She gets what she wants. I was quite jealous that she can hooks up with so many hot guys! Maybe, the only concern about life is the size of a dick. Being yourself is not an easy thing. Even she has a wonderful house, a handsome boyfriend, and lots of money. She rather gave up everything in California and back to New York City with her girls, even her hot boyfriend. Samantha can still be true to herself,  just learn that ladies!

“I love you… but I love me more. I’ve been in a relationship with myself for 49 years and that’s the one I need to work on.”

5 “I couldn’t help but wonder……”

This is the classic line from Carrie Bradshaw, “I couldn’t help but wonder…”

Life is struggling, everyday I am struggling on doing decisions. Why I have to choose? But why I cannot choose to be rich? I cannot choose to be handsome? I cannot choose to have a nice apartment? Even though, there are so many unnecessary strugglings. Maybe it’s good to question myself on everything. You may say I don’t have a clear mind to know what I exactly need. But who knows all the needs of him/herself? Questioning myself is the way to know myself clear. so why not keep questioning yourself? I couldn’t help but wondering why I would love SATC so much…


x paco t

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2 replies on “SATC taught me these…

  1. Love a good post about SATC! I’v just started my own blog with a number of SATC references but i’m still surprised (and thrilled) to see how many of us are still in love with the characters and the city.


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