It’s very usual that boys wearing a little make up nowadays. Everyone wants to look good and fresh, including me! Maybe I am not wearing just a little make up, it seems like a “full” make up look. Sadly, I don’t have a perfect skin… I got pimples, redness, dark circle and so on…. So my make up key is to cover my “imperfect” and brighten up my face to look fresh! Everyone gets different skin type, I am now sharing “my” make up collection that I almost using everyday. Remember, always clean and moisturizing your pretty face before make up!

1. Hourglass Veli Mineral PrimerHourglass Veli Mineral Primer US$54

I have been using the Laura Mercier primer for a very long time before I found her! I may say this is the best primer I have ever used. It feels so light-weight, also moisturizing! I have dry to combination skin except my T-zone area, most of the area on my face is dry. Hourglass primer can make your skin feels so velvety, and make your foundation longer than expect!! The only concern is the price quite high, even more expensive than some of my foundations…. BUT it’s totally worth it!

2. GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY Luminous Silk Foundation US$64

I guess I don’t need to talk about this foundation for this most hyped foundation in these few years! The finishing is perfect! I love the glow after putting the foundation on! And it does lasts for whole day like 10-12 hours! If you are looking for luminous foundation, this would be one of the best choice! However, I am quite curious about the shades range. Most of the shades are quite warm tone, I am quite pale in yellow undertone. It’s quite hard for me to find the best match of my skin colour. I am using the colour 4 light skin with golden undertone. It’s a bit lighter than my skin. But a darker shade is looking quite reddish. Anyone has the same problem of me? OR maybe this foundation shades range is not for Asian? I am not sure..

3. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation US$48

To be honest, I am not into this foundation when it’s first launch. It’s so matte finishing and exaggerated my dry patches on my face… However, this foundation becomes my everyday foundation recently. Maybe my skin turns better and more hydrated, or maybe it’s good match with Hourglass primer rather than Laura Mercier primer (ahha! funny!?). This foundation is so FULL coverage even in one layer. It covers most of the “imperfect” on my skin. But it’s still looking so natural! Mostly, full coverage foundation will look like a mask. Trust me, this foundation doesn’t look like an alien at all after using it! And it does lasts very long, even longer than GA Luminous Silk or Power Fabric Foundation!

4. Le Correcteur De Chanel US$43

Yes! It’s so freaking expensive for a concealer! I have tried so many different concealer, I think this is the best concealer for me. It doesn’t crease on the under eyes area, it lasts all day! The coverage is medium to full, you can definitely build up in more full coverage! Please tell me if there is any suggestion to replace this expensive Chanel concealer, thanks xxxx

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder US$46

I love this use this powder to set my under eyes area. This powder has (I guess) some shimmer in the powder, it’s reflect to light in order to brighten up your eyes! This is a step you can skip if you want.

6. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder US$38

Guess I don’t need to spend so much time to talk about this loose powder! This is the best setting powder in the earth!

7. NARS Blush Orgasm US$30

To keep my face looks natural, I seldom contour my face. I will rather use blush to contour my face, just a tiny little bit colour. NARS always has the best shade of blush. The colour is decent and fresh!

8. M.A.C Extra Dimension Skinfinish US$34

Highlighter is true love! You can never do make up without highlighter. To have a perfect skin and perfect make up, highlighter give you the glow, the shine!

9. Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Colour US$54

My last step is to put my lipstick on! Yes, lipstick. Boys can wear lipstick, just to find a perfect colour to match your style. Sometimes, you can causally pick the colour you like. There is no wrong to try something new. I am obsessed with this Tom Ford, colour “Revolve Around Me”. The formula is great, lasts long on my lips. And the colour is frosty pink, looking young and fresh! It’s the best colour for early spring, maybe winter (why not?)

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x paco t



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