Recently I accidentally read an article 15 Signs You’re Straight Addicted to Instagram on Popsugar. And I realized that I am straight an Instagram-holic. I guess this is not a bad thing at all, right? Yes, I admit that I spend a lot of time on checking Instagram new photos and stories but it doesn’t mean I waste much time. In fact, I get the news and inspirations via Instagram every day. Let me talk about some good things about Instagram.

1. Knows everything around the world

This is the first thing I do every morning. Browsing all the latest posts from friends, celebrities and brands. Get to know the latest news. New fashion shows collection, street styles and gossip.

2. Stealing styles from others

I like to follow my favourite celebrities and models. I used to steal the style of Alexa Chung. I like her kind of boylish look. A jumper with dungarees. Yes, I’m a dungarees lover. It can’t goes wrong, put all my belongings in my pocket. Looks causal and cool.

3. Sharing is the key

This is what Instagram is meant to be. I love sharing! Sharing my outfit, new restaurant and some funny stuff. Sometimes, I can’t decide what to wear today. I love to post on Instagram story and ask all my friends to pick which one I should wear. This happens all the time.

4. Discovering new stuff

Get use of the search function! You will discover new things. Instagram will recommend some new Instagram accounts based on your following preferences. I like to discover new brands, photographers and so on. This is my inspirations everyday!

5. Tracking your friends or maybe ex…

Relationship is complicated. Instagram is a good things to track those people you hate. Get to know their weakness. Also, I am a crazy boy. I like to check my ex(s) Instagram to see how’s bad their life is. And what’s news. You never know when you will see them again. Get to know them and try to avoid seeing them!


x paco t

Posted by:Paco Tse

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