“Call Me By Your Name”  is definitely one the best film in 2018. People fancy in gay love, those beautiful faces, the wonderful scenery of Italy, and (my new crush) Timothée Chalamet. To be honest, I really really really wish that Timothée could take the Oscars home this year. Sadly, it didn’t come true. At least, CMBYN has won the Best Adapted Screenplay, hurrahhhhh!!!

Anyways! Apart from the film itself, I am so obsessed with the 80’s style in the film. Every scene it’s such a dream. I can capture every single scene to be my Mac desktop wallpaper! Especially on the customs design, it’s getting warm in Hong Kong. I think this is the best time to learn from the film, and ready from the retro-style this spring summer.

1. Get a short sleeves shirt


To survive from the heat, a short sleeves shirt is the best option in summer. A loose cut, colourful, and make sure to keep your button down shirt few buttons undone. Yes, this is sexy and show your chest muscle to girls (umm, maybe boys too).

2. A pair of very SHORT shorts


It’s 2018! Don’t be afraid of wearing very “short” shorts, show your beautiful legs. Indeed, it’s colour and short. Imagining you were in the film, having breakfast next to the pool, chilling at the side bar, reading at the beach. OMG! This is LIFE!

3. Blue is everything


The colour never get old, play around with different patterns, materials and styles.


4. Converse is your best friend


As always, the iconic Converse. My all time favourite, nothing much to say about it. Just buy a pair!

5. Special AWARD for last winter style


The shirt! The turtle black sweater underneath! And the nice black trousers! I just can’t take my eyes of Elio……

photos from imdb.com


x paco tse


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