Do you remember your first date with your girlfriend? You love her so much, and you have been thinking all day about how to make this the best date ever. You booked the best restaurant, you prepared a small gift.  You even memorized some jokes, and thought about topics that she would love. But how will you dress up to impress her?  This is definitely the hardest thing about preparing for a date.
The first impression comes from your appearance, so here’s some advice from man to man:

1. A nice hair cut
Please, please have a nice hair cut that suits you well, and is easy to maintain. Not only will it make you look so much smarter, but you putting extra effort into your own appearance will show her you care about impressing her. has some classic cuts for men that will never go out of style. You may check it out on (

2. Don’t be over-dressedA smart causal look is enough! It’s weird to be too formal, so avoid wearing a suit for the first date. A nice shirt, a pair of chinos, and nice leather shoes, would be perfect. Daddy always said “your mother just loved the way I was.” So just be yourself. Your personality will really shine through if you are comfortable in your clothes.

Pull & Bear Daily Standards Autumn/Winter 2015 

Patrons Spring/Summer 2016 Men’s Lookbook

UNIQLO x Lemaire Autumn/Winter 2015

3. A nice underwear!Yes.  Nice underwear. You never know where the date will go, and it’s better to be prepared just in case she ends up seeing what’s under your clothes. Also, underwear plays an important role in how you “feel” in your clothes, so if you start with really comfortable and luxurious underwear, it’s likely that your outfit will feel better too. I like the men’s underwear from Tommy John. They have the best men’s underwear, that are designed for comfort, and built to last from fine fabrics. Their cool cotton material will keep you cool when things heat up.  Also, unlike other underwear brands, it won’t leave a mark on your waist, which could be embarrassing. The patterns are simple and classic. I hate crazy prints and graphics that look immature… So Tommy John, is my all time favorite!! You may find out more about their underwear and undershirts on their website.


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