London Collection Men is one of my favourite fashion week in a year! I like British designers, they are so fashion forward, innovative and playful. You can definitely picked something nice in London. You can find some classy things such as Burberry Prorsum and Alexander McQueen. If you want something fancy, Christopher Kane, Topmen Design and Christopher Raeburn are your top choices! Okay, I know you are a funny person, you want some playful stuff? Go for Christopher Shannon, Agi & Sam or maybe MAN. For me, J.W. Anderson and Margaret Howell are my favoruites!

//每一年的倫敦男裝時裝週(LC:M)絕對是不能錯過的四天。英國的設計師永遠充滿著前瞻性、創新和玩味。你沒有不愛他們的原因,非常容易地就能揀到你的心頭所愛! 如果你喜歡一些比較經典、傳統的,BURBERRY PRORSUM和ALEXANDER MCQUEEN 絕對是你的首選。如果你是一個充滿想像力,熱愛新鮮事的,CHRISTOPHER KANE,TOPMEN DESIGN及CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN 肯定能夠捉住你的胃口! OK,如果你是一個好玩的人,CHRISTOPHER SHANNON,AGI & SAM又或是MAN,不用解釋,完全是你所愛。而我,今季獨愛J.W. ANDERSON和MARGARET HOWELL。//


J.W. Anderson
“something a little more childlike, a little more naive, to cleanse the palate.”
I will never get bored on J.W. He always creates something amazing, and incredible, wide, high-waist trousers is coming back again in this season. I think it’s more like street style to high fashion runway show. Anderson brings back the childhood to the runway show, floral prints, knitted dog sweaters, sheer tops, Ronald McDonald’s shoes. Models were carrying a metal frame,, hanging some chains like keys. tools etc. When we were young, we like to explore the world. Everything is new for us. There is no boundary, full of happiness, dreams and creations.

//從不令你失望的J.W. 創作永遠是意料不到、大膽創新的,今季高腰闊長褲可算是大熱。J.W. 把充滿幻想的童年帶上了天橋,花花彩印、針織小狗毛衣、麥當勞叔叔鞋子。模特們提著一個金屬架,掛著一些鎖匙、工具狀吊飾。童年時,我們總是喜歡探索這個世界,研究一切新鮮事物,沒有界限,滿滿都是快樂、夢想與創意。//


Maragret Howell
She’s a incredible woman in British fashion history. being in fashion industry for nearly 4 decades. She represents the comfort, clean and classy clothing. In this season, there is one key “less is more” :boxy shirt, high-waisted, front-pleated trousers, workwear trousers and scout scarves… Simple thing is more eyes-catching for me, I like men wearing simple white shirt with a nice tailored trousers. Maragret creates the best basics.

// 她絕對是英國時裝界的重要一員,接近40年的經驗。她代表著一著穿著的態度: 舒適、乾淨、經典。這一季重點可能是”LESS IS MORE” : 立體剪裁襯衫,高腰前摺褲,工作服與童子軍圍巾…… 簡單的事很多時候都能捕捉到我都眼光,乾淨的襯衫與一條定製西褲已經是一個男人最好的衣著。 //

xxx p.

source from, Mararet Howell official website and

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