This is the age of Alessandro Michele, the new creative director of Milan fashion house GUCCI.

Since he took over GUCCI, his first menswear show. I am obsessed with him, you may say that this is not a new style, not even a new thing in fashion industry. But it is SURE a new thing for GUCCI. I am not sure whether anyone will compare Alessandro with Heidi Slimane. Although their styles are totally different, it seems that there are following the same rule. One style for ever!

After Heidi took over Yves Saint Laurent, he changed a new name, new logo, new style. The brand becomes a grunge rocker! Now, GUCCI becomes a nerd from a elegant 70’s lady. Anyway, I like this style so much! GUCCI, I will love you more and more xxx p.

To see the whole GUCCI Cruise 2016 collection, please visit

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