In 1954, the first “Little Black Jacket” was designed by Miss. Coco Chanel, the jacket which is inspired by menswear, straight and fluid, without interfacing. This is an revolution in fashion history. There is no such words “unisex” at that period. People called that as “women power movement”.

Nowadays, people is desiring for the freedom of life, democracy, career, love and so on. In the early decades, girls love to dress like a boy to embrace their freedom, saying “we don’t give a shit on you, boy!” Today, menswear design is stepping in a new stage. Designers start to take the elements and concepts of womenswear on the menswear designs. This is a mainstream, so many top fashion brands are doing the same thing such as J.W. Anderson, Burberry, Gucci, Saint Laurent etc. There should be no boundary between boys and girls. People have the freedom to wear the clothes they like.




Posted by:Paco Tse

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