Jingle bells, jingle bells! Christmas is coming soon. All the single boys please put your hands up in the air. We are all lonely boys. But I Don’t care! We can still be happy alone because we can shop and dress up nice to go clubbing!

Men’s apparel brand, BONOBOS introduces us the Man-tastic Gift Guide for Christmas. There are so many cool stuff! No matter you are single or being in a wonderful relationship, Christmas is a good chance to show your love to all of your friends.

If you like a preppy boy, there are lots of choices of gift for him. Checked shirt, sweater and a nice pair of slipper are the best gift for a preppy boy. Here are some choices from BONOBOS.

1. Yellow Knit Sweater – US$128
2. Killarney Slim Checked Shirt – US$85
3. Rhodes Collar Checked Shirt – US$88
4. Polar Bear Sweater – US$148
5. Green Stripe Sweater – US$128
6. Black Velvet Slipper – US$305

Gentleman with suit is always the most attractive animal in this world. There are full of fantasy, suit! suit! suit! Just go and pull the boy on the dance floor!

1. Lamont Necktie – US$78
2. The Foundation Slim Cut Slim – US$685
3. Repp Stipe Tie Bar – US$85
4. The Cordo Bello Green Blazer – US398
5. The Lexington Topcoat – US$468
6. Slim Cut Stripe Blue Shirt – US$148

And Here are something that I want to receive in this Christmas!

1. Camptown Cord Slim Shirt – US$98
2. The Deerfield Coat – US$428
3. Navy Boots – US$345
4. The Green Cardigan – US$275
5. Yellow Paisley Square – US$48
6. The Monticello Camel Sweater – US$340

If you want to see more of BONOBOS, you can visit their website: http://www.bonobos.com/
And Here are some gift guide of them I like.

 xoxo p.
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