I have a girl-friend, we are breaking up with boys at the same time. In about a month, she went to clubbing everyday. She was totally a crazy bitch.

One day, she told me, “I had sex with a man.”

I was so shocked, she is not that kind of girls who will have one-night stand. After that, our topics are the tool of guys, the skills on bed etc. For me, I think sex is kind of a casual thing like hanging out with friends. Sometimes, I will think it is so nice to have someone who can always stick with, going party, or having sex. I think many people have the same thoughts with me.

Since I broke up with my boy, I think my life is totally mess up.

Recently, my girl-friend always hangs out with a guy. she said she never did anything with that guy. I am quite surprised that she didn’t do anything. I am wondering is it true love? A nice man should not want a sex relationship with you at the beginning, right?

Sometimes, love is a complicated thing. It is not an easy thing, just like a song ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay.

‘Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start.’

This is a material world.

I gave you all my love. Would you buy me a Hermès Birkin bag?

To conclude,  I have only one answer: Guys only love you on bed.


我有一位女性朋友,我跟她可算是差不多時間跟伴侶分手…… 大概都有一個月多,她每天到夜店狂歡盡興,少不免得到一眾男仕的青睞。


 一下子的反應有點驚訝,她在我心目中從來都不是那種會搞一夜情,對性這一回事隨便的人。之後,當然話題就是男人的器械、運動的技巧等等。而我,對性這回事可以算是有少許的開放,有時候會想過其實有一個人可以久不久一起吃個飯、party 一下,甚至做做愛,也不算是差事。我想不少人應該都有跟我一樣的想法吧!

跟前度分開後,其實日子可以說是一點頹喪。早上睡覺,晚上外出混混,日夜癲例…… 性,當然是少不了的事情,人總需要有些東西平衡一下心理。反正又是單身,最緊要安全之上。

近來,女性朋友時常跟一個男仕約會,她與他一直沒有做過什麼床上的活動。我反而覺得有點surprised,我會想這是真愛嗎? 一個好男人或者從來都不會想是跟你一開始發展出一段只有性的關係,或者我是否該踏實的去找一個對的人去愛?

有時候,愛不愛這回事真的很複雜。就算你再愛一個又如何,對他有多好又如何? 這個世界已經不再是古代那種簡單到有一頓飯就能滿足,現在要的是你男人送你多少個手袋,有一橦怎樣的房子,多少漂亮的衣裳……


對最後,我想出來的只有一個答案: 男人只喜歡床上的你。

xoxo p.
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